Peer Support

The Single Parents’ Association’s peer support program provides the opportunity to get to know other families in similar situations and share life’s struggles and joys. Through peer support you can find friends for your children and new ideas for hobbies.

In the peer support program you can also take the role of a peer group leader. You can also be a supervisor at events, camps and trips working together with other peer group leaders or with professional staff.

Currently we have one peer support group in English in need of a peer leader, but in the future, we hope to create additional groups held in English.

For all the activities, check out our calendar (toimintakalenteri)

On-line discussions at Zoom

English Evening Tea for Single Parents

Please join us for a relaxed on-line discussion on Thu 14 Oct at 8.30–10pm. With Rafael. 

Join via the link

English Speaking Single Parents Theater Excursion 

We will go see a play called ‘The Cleaners’: Cleaners is a performance based on stories of people who are working and living amongst us. The performance looks into society’s power structures from the point of view of the immigrants who work as cleaners in Finland. The performance studies what kind of movement is inspired by cleaning up. Cleaners is the final part of European theatre collective’s trilogy Invisible Finland which concentrates on who are allowed to be on the stage in Finland and whose stories are told in Finnish theatres. Read more info

The performance will be in English Tue 16 Nov at 7pm at Aleksanterin Teatteri (Bulevardi 2327), with Finnish subtitles and is open for everyone. New English speakers warmly welcomed. Duration 1 h 40 mins.

Ticket price 20 € payable to us by 1 Oct. Child care organized as close as possible (more info later).

Please register via the link by 26 Sep

Kid Care – Tenavatupa

KidCare is a service that gives single parents the chance to participate in civic action and spend time on their own interests. It is particularly important for families missing social networks. Currently the child care is provided during the activities of The Single Parent Association, organizational meetings, peer support groups, some lectures etc.

Arranging child care is a must for single parents wishing to be active outside the home. As KidCare is free of charge, all families, regardless of financial means, can benefit from this service.

Inquieries: Riikka Koola 040 640 3756 or