Single Parent Assosiation

It is hard to be the only parent. There are lot's demands in every day life. It gets some times really lonely. Come and join others who have experienced the same. You are welcome to the family cafes, excursions - the peer support activities.

Resources for parents, opportunities for children

Founded by single mothers, The Single Parents’ Association is a non-religious, non-political organization working to improve the status of children and provide equal opportunities for them. As an association, it is a member of the Finnish Federation of Mother and Child Homes and Shelters.

The purpose of The Single Parents’ Association is to improve child welfare by offering opportunities for children and support for parents. The association organizes a variety of peer activities for single-parent families and seeks and trains volunteers interested in helping families and children.

As a nongovernmental organization, the association strives to reinforce confidence and empowerment among people facing challenging life situations.

The office and facilities of the association, as well as Buddies for Kids ( are located in Sörnäinen, Helsinki. Peer activities for single-parent families are arranged in Sörnäinen and in Jakomäki both maintained by the association. In addition, peer activities take place in locations provided by various partners in Helsinki, Espoo and Vantaa.

For all the activities, check out our calendar (toimintakalenteri):

Tel. (09) 720 6810
E-mail info(at)

Are you a single mother? Please participate in a research

Sonu Dawadi is studying Social Services at Diaconia University of Applied Sciences (DIAK), and doing her final thesis on “How single mothers experience parenthood in Helsinki/Espoo/Vantaa and what are the strengths and challenges faced by single mothers”. She is doing a qualitative research-oriented thesis and is looking for single mothers to interview in English. Thesis questions are about: bringing up children, economy, social network, social support, level of satisfaction, felt effect on parent or children, and social capital.

Pienperheyhdistys ry is Sonu’s  work life partner, which is why we are helping her to look for interviewees. If you are interested in talking about your experiences (in English), please schedule an interview time with Sonu. Interviews are held after 23 June, mostly at Pienperheyhdistys, Hämeentie 64, but if this location is not convenient for you, you can suggest another location to Sonu. Interview takes about an hour or so, and you can take your child/children with you.

Interview bookings and more info: Sonu Dawadi, or tel 046 9540969.